Travel Effortlessly

travel outfit

Travel Essentials

Must-Have Travel Items to Include:

  • The packable travel coat… weather worthy and water repellent
  • Clothes you can wash, wear and pack!
  • Comfort stretch pants with easy wear tops
  • Scarf/scarves
  • Comfortable “look great with everything” shoes


  • Know exactly the weather range you may experience (plan for both extremes) Know what events/activities – plan for both comfort and style
  • Tops and underwear for each day (layering)
  • Travel core –
    • start with shoes
    • add a coat/jacket/sweater (weather contingent)
    • Lastly add a briefcase and/or handbag. (Travel core items should be weather, comfort and event worthy)
  • If necessary, add an additional pair of shoes


  • Pack only outfits and items which look great with your travel core!  Don’t get stuck bringing shoes, boots, bags, coats, etc which you will only wear one way. Leave them home!
  • Comfort fabrics, knitwear, fabric with stretch, novel and beautiful scarves give you many options with little pack space required.
  • Wear your important jewelry (wedding ring, watch, special earrings) Packed travel jewelry should be disposable!
  • Keep small items (underwear, scarves, socks, etc.)  in clear zip lock bags.
  • See our Business Travel 12 Piece Solution. It works!


Business Travel 12 Piece Solution

  • 1 Jacket
  • 1 Pant
  • 1 Skirt or alternate item (pant/dress)
  • 1 Dress or alternate item (pant/skirt)
  • 1 Novelty jacket or sweater
  • 1 Jean, if casual
  • 3 Tops, color & pattern
  • Shoes
  • Coat/outerwear
  • Briefcase/handbag/scarf

Travel Smart, Look Great!