Creating The Visual Image That Works For Youfashion ideas

  • What you wear tells the world how you think and feel about yourself… Control this powerful message by choosing clothes and dressing intentionally,  NOT accidentally. Take control. Don’t just put on clothes. GET DRESSED!
  • The only possession you have with you 24/7 is your image… You leave your home, your car, your music, and your art behind each day…invest in your wardrobe, your image, YOURSELF!
  • Identify your most successful (favorites and “go to”) clothes. Identify “WHY”… then seek out more of the same based on “WHY” not “WHAT.” The “WHAT” is constantly changing; the “WHY” is always constant!


  • Make intelligent choices that will enhance your day.
  • Whether for work, play or party, what you wear is how you present yourself and the way others perceive you, so GET DRESSED INTENTIONALLY.


Do Your Homework.

Closet Inventory

closet-inventory-tnailTake a closet inventory to examine what you have based on condition, fit and fashion. If it is tired, worn, does not fit well or is dated, replace it!

  • Step 1: Remove all garments from your closet that have not been worn in the last year.
  • Step 2: Segregate your fall and spring clothing into opposite ends of the closet or separate closets if possible.
  • Step 3: Arrange your clothes by type (dresses, suits, pants, skirts, etc.)
  • Step 4: List your wardrobe “haves” and “needs.”

Know your body type/shape.

Are you a diamond, oval, hourglass, triangle or rectangle?

You can look your best by choosing clothes to create the appearance of “balanced” proportions. It’s all about balancing your perceived shape to the “perfect” shape

Know your best color choices.

Seasonal color analysis categorizes people into one of 12 flow categories.

The categories are named after the seasons and the colors found together in nature to help you remember the range of colors they include. Your seasonal color range will complement the coloring of your skin, hair and eyes.

Download “Creating A Visual Image That Works For You” (PDF) to learn more.


  • Remember what you wear precedes you. Your wardrobe is your agent, your publicist and your “not so silent” partner!
  • Seek out what you need and want always thinking through and visualizing the “total picture,” top to bottom.  Accessories, shoes, hosiery (or not), outerwear, handbag (or briefcase)… all of these choices speak volumes!
  • Make sure your clothes FIT! Your tailor is your best friend. (A poor fit turns great choices into bad choices.)
  • Your wardrobe is an investment. Give it the time and energy that it and you deserve.

See our Helpful Clothing Care Symbol Guide (PDF)

(It helps explain what those symbols mean on your clothing tags.)

Can you wash it? Bleach it? Iron it?
Should you tumble dry or send the item to a dry cleaner?